Testimonials & Case Studies

Joe Luca – North Providence

Here is Joe Luca's testimonial video after his first Month:

Joe's Ad campaign after 2 months:

Donell Henderson - Atlanta, GA

Here is Donell's testimonial after just 14 days:

In less than 2 weeks, he got 100 leads 🤯 and for only $2.39/lead

In this time, he got 15 live transfers 🔥🥳💪

David Williams – Denver, Colorado

Here is David's testimonial video after his trial:

David’s pipeline after 1 month of working with us:

How David’s calendar📆 looks like now a days:

Charles Wells - Missouri City, Texas

Here is Charles Wells testimonial video after first 30 days:

In his first 30 days, we got 17 LIVE TRANSFERS 💪:

Josh Pratt - Maryland, DC and Virginia

Here is Josh's testimonial video after his trial:

In just 2 days, he got 30 inbound buyer leads costing only $1.67/lead 🤯

John Herkenrath – Southern California

In 7 days free trial, we provided him 7 buyers and 1 of the lead was a buyer as well as a seller 🤯

Tushar Popat - Roseville, CA

Client's satisfaction is everything 🤩

Brandy Bell – Chicago, Illinois

In her 7 days free trial, she got 59 🤩 Inbound Appointments 📆 for less than $2.0/appointment 🔥

Denise Barron - Highland Ranch, CO

Client's satisfaction is everything and when client is happy, we are happy for them. 🤩